23.11.2015  Conference

Opening speech

Robert Kloos, State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Keynote speeches and discussion
Opportunities for substituting non-renewable resources with sustainable renewable resources - Strategic approaches in the G7

24.11.2015    Conference

Biobased value chains in the forestry for substainable and innovative products

David Paré, Natural Resources Canada

Biorefinery concepts for sustainable and innovative products

Christophe Rupp-Dahlem, Roquette Frères

Biobased value chains for sustainable and innovative products

Stefano Facco, Novamont SpA

Biocomposites for sustainable and innovative products for the industry

Isao Inomata, ITI Consulting Office

Resource efficiency opportunities in the building sector

Ludger Dederich, Hochschule Rottenburg
Jörg Wollenweber, Fachhochschule Aachen

Practical exemples

Joe Atkinson, LILAC
Uwe Reil, SHL Architekten und Stadtplaner
Ulrich Steinmeyer, ÖkoPlus AG

International trading of biomass feedstocks and biobased products: measurement, certification and implementation of sustainability

Robert Cash, ADM
Erick Fernandes, World Bank
Norbert Schmitz, Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH

Closing remarks

Andreas Schütte, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.